JUST IN : Celtics Star Makes Clear Statement On His Mentality This Season

The new-look Boston Celtics have had a promising start, boasting a flawless 3-0 record, making them one of only three undefeated teams in the NBA. Nevertheless, reminiscent of last season, they have displayed occasional stagnation and encountered rough patches during games, which has been a concerning pattern under Joe Mazzulla’s leadership.

Fortunately, their roster’s depth and talent have often bailed them out in such situations. However, Jaylen Brown suggests that this very abundance of talent might be a double-edged sword, potentially leading to complacency and laziness. Brown emphasizes the importance of the team’s veterans stepping up and setting an example, highlighting that there’s no room for breaks if they aspire to go all the way this season.

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In essence, Brown wants to underscore that the Celtics could be their own greatest obstacle this year, and their success ultimately hinges on their own performance. The Celtics made significant additions to their roster during the offseason, bringing in Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis, assembling one of the most stacked lineups in the league.

In a league where star duos and Big 3s have been the trend, it appears that this era is fading, as evidenced by the Los Angeles Clippers acquiring James Harden to join forces with Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard. Nevertheless, recent years have demonstrated that merely having talent is insufficient to secure victories, underscoring the necessity for the Celtics to maintain a high level of focus and dedication.

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