Darren Moore has sent a massage to Huddersfield Town fans after 0 : 0 draw with Watford

The manager expressed his gratitude to the supporters for standing by the team until the very last moment of the game, even though they would have preferred a couple more touches of the ball.

Huddersfield Town fans experienced confusion and disappointment on a Saturday afternoon when they earned a corner deep into stoppage time while the game remained goalless against Watford. However, the referee chose to blow the final whistle just as Sorba Thomas was preparing to take the corner.

Manager Darren Moore, in his typical gracious manner, chose to take a positive view of the referee’s decision. He acknowledged that, overall, the officials had performed well throughout the match, and the decision to end the game came well after the allocated seven minutes of added time.

Moore saw the fans’ frustration at the unusual whistle timing as a sign of encouragement following a goalless draw with very few clear scoring opportunities for either side. This was mainly due to a series of outstanding off-the-ball performances by an injury-depleted Huddersfield Town side.

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Moore commented on the situation, saying, “They put up seven minutes. When it goes to that corner and there’s potential to score a goal… We’re accustomed to playing until the end of the game, but the referee determined that time was up and blew the whistle. We must respect the referee for that.”

He expressed appreciation for the fans’ response to a spirited and well-organized performance, despite the lack of attacking flair due to the absence of 11 first-team players. Moore acknowledged that everyone associated with Huddersfield Town, including the players, supporters, and staff, is committed to the club. He thanked the fans for their unwavering support and for staying until the end of the game.

Moore also commended the players for their commitment and determination to avoid defeat, given the challenging circumstances with numerous players missing. He expressed hope that they might have more players available in the coming days and weeks, including the return of the captain, Jonathan Hogg, and the availability of other key players.

Regarding Kian Harratt, Moore mentioned that there is a personal issue they wish to keep private but hoped that he would be able to rejoin the team in the following week.

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