Gary Lineker responds immediately to the VAR ruling during Wolves vs. Sheffield Unit

Wolves once again found themselves on the wrong end of a VAR error, this time with Sheffield United benefiting from a late penalty call. This recurring issue has left fans frustrated, especially after a similar incident occurred just the previous week.

In the recent match, a penalty was awarded to Sheffield United in the 100th minute, which many considered a disgraceful decision. The situation closely mirrored the one from the previous week, where Fabio Silva attempted to play the ball, but an opposing player appeared to take a dive.

BBC Sport pundit Gary Lineker voiced his criticism of the decision, highlighting the pattern of unfavorable VAR calls that Wolves have experienced this season. While the recent decision might not have been as egregious as some earlier ones, it was widely believed that it should not have resulted in a penalty.

Gary Lineker gives instant reaction to VAR decision during Wolves v Sheffield  United

The frustration with VAR and Premier League referees is palpable among Wolves and their supporters. The question arises as to how many times a club can be adversely affected by such decisions in a single season before significant changes are needed. Many fear that the situation may persist without substantial reforms, despite the demotion of officials like Rob Jones, who made the controversial call in this instance.

The VAR system’s decision-making process and the actions of the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) have raised serious concerns and questions regarding their consistency and accountability.

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