Falcons’ Arthur Smith drops truth bomb on ‘belief’ in Desmond Ridder after win

In the wake of a crucial divisional matchup against the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has conveyed his steadfast belief in quarterback Desmond Ridder. Despite facing challenges and doubts surrounding Ridder’s performance throughout the season, Smith expressed confidence in the young quarterback following the team’s notable 24-15 victory over the Saints.

Addressing questions from the media about Ridder, Smith emphasized the significance of having belief in a starting quarterback. According to Terrin Waack of the Atlanta Falcons, Smith stated, “You got to believe in him if you put him out there. … We got a lot of belief. And more importantly, those guys got a lot of belief.” Smith’s comments underscored the collective trust within the team, indicating a commitment to supporting Ridder through both successes and challenges.

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During the divisional showdown, Ridder completed 13 of 21 passes for 168 yards, contributing one touchdown and facing two interceptions. While the performance may not have been flawless, the victory over the Saints highlighted the resilience and determination of both Ridder and the Falcons.

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Arthur Smith’s message illuminates the unwavering belief within the Falcons organization in their emerging quarterback. Despite Ridder’s earlier struggles and a season marked by uncertainties, the win over the Saints serves as a testament to the team’s commitment to their starting quarterback.

As the Falcons progress through the season, the narrative surrounding Desmond Ridder’s capabilities will likely be shaped by his future performances. Coach Smith’s public affirmation of belief in Ridder signifies a united front within the organization, underscoring the importance of trust and confidence as they navigate the challenges of the NFL season.

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