PSG boss Luis Enrique disagrees with Mauricio Pochettino’s Newcastle-Chelsea assessment

Paris Saint-Germain manager Luis Enrique expressed his admiration for Newcastle’s performance in their convincing victory over Chelsea, despite Mauricio Pochettino’s critical post-match comments. The Magpies secured a 4-1 win at St James’ Park, with a particularly impressive second-half display.

While Pochettino believed Chelsea made it ‘easy’ for Newcastle and criticized his players as ‘soft,’ Luis Enrique had a different perspective. He was impressed by how Newcastle aggressively pressed and harassed their opponents. Enrique acknowledged the physicality and intensity displayed by Newcastle, emphasizing the need for PSG to be prepared to avoid a similar outcome at the Parc des Princes.

When asked about matching Newcastle’s physicality in the upcoming match, Luis Enrique acknowledged the incredible physical prowess of the Magpies. He highlighted their strength, ability to press intensely and high, and the pressure exerted by six players that seems like eight. Enrique stressed the importance of PSG being ready for this level of intensity and pressure.

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Regarding PSG’s approach to the match, Enrique emphasized the consistent goal of preventing opportunities for the opponent and maintaining a presence in the opponent’s half. He stressed the need for focus, clinical finishing, and playing at a high level to secure a victory.

Discussing PSG’s tactical set-up, Enrique explained the fluid nature of formations based on the game’s circumstances. He mentioned variations like 3-4-3, 4-4-2, or 3-5-2 when pressing high without the ball, and 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 when defending. Enrique clarified that PSG would play in an attacking 4-3-3 in the upcoming match, aiming to maintain possession of the ball. Despite the complexity, he humorously mentioned that having a table could simplify the explanation.

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