Charlton Athletic manager Michael Appleton has issued a serious warning to his players after 1-1 draw against Burton Albion

Charlton Athletic players need to get results over the finish lineā€¦or risk being replaced

Charlton Athletic manager Michael Appleton has issued a warning to his players, emphasizing the need to see out matches or risk potential replacements in future transfer windows. The team experienced another late equalizer in the 1-1 draw against Burton Albion, with Ryan Sweeney scoring in stoppage time to cancel out Lloyd Jones’ opener.

This follows a similar scenario in the previous home game against Cambridge United, where Charlton failed to secure a victory as Gassan Ahadme equalized in added time. Appleton expresses frustration at the team’s inability to close out matches and highlights the importance of learning quickly from these experiences.

Appleton dismisses the idea of making personnel changes immediately but stresses that players must grasp the nuances of match situations, a skill not easily replicated in training scenarios. He acknowledges that even simulated 11 v 11 scenarios do not capture the intensity and pressure of actual match scenarios, especially against competitive opponents.

The manager expects his players to internalize the lessons and take responsibility for retaining critical information. He suggests that if improvements are not seen, changes may be made when opportunities arise.

Appleton expresses disappointment in the team’s lack of professionalism and game awareness during crucial moments. He points out that the quick concession of goals, especially after recent experiences, is unacceptable. The manager emphasizes the need for the players to exhibit more professionalism and savvy in such situations.

Despite feeling in control at half-time, Appleton highlights the players’ tendency to take too many touches on the ball and stresses the importance of being more clinical in the final third. He reflects on missed opportunities to test the opposition goalkeeper and acknowledges the team’s frustrating phase, emphasizing the need to move forward and learn from these setbacks.

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