Darren Moore admits Huddersfield Town importance as key moment in tenure arrives

Huddersfield Town is gearing up for a pivotal week of matches, commencing with a face-off against Blackburn Rovers on Boxing Day. Manager Darren Moore emphasizes the significance of the upcoming home game, considering the team’s recent struggle to secure points. Following a 2-0 defeat against Norwich City, where they endured a fifth consecutive winless match, Huddersfield Town finds themselves just above the relegation zone in the Championship, holding the 22nd spot with 22 points from 23 matches.

As they approach the halfway mark of the season, Moore acknowledges the urgency to accumulate points and improve their position in the league. With back-to-back home games against Blackburn Rovers and Middlesbrough, Moore underscores the importance of utilizing the festive period for player recovery and preparation. The team is set to train on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, aiming to ensure physical and mental readiness for the crucial clash against Blackburn.


Darren Moore admits Huddersfield Town importance as key moment in tenure  arrives - YorkshireLive

Moore expresses disappointment over the recent loss to Norwich City, attributing it to a “lapse of concentration” that allowed the opponents to seize control in the second half. Despite praising the team’s hard work and solid defense in the first half, Moore acknowledges the need to address concentration lapses that impact the outcomes of matches.

In terms of player injuries, Ben Jackson returned to the starting lineup, while Kyle Hudlin made a second-half appearance after both had been sidelined with groin injuries. Lee Nicholls remains unavailable due to concussion protocol, and Danny Ward, who missed the previous game with an Achilles injury, is being assessed for the upcoming fixture.

Moore provides insight into Ward’s situation, stating that the medical team is diligently working on his recovery after an injury in training. The manager emphasizes the demanding nature of the upcoming games and the need for effective player management to navigate through the challenging schedule.

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