BREAKING NEWS : Huddersfield Town Chairman Kevin Nagle in a meeting with Town supporters


Huddersfield Town Chairman Kevin Nagle continues to prioritize open communication with supporters, recently inviting a group to join him for tea and conversation in the boardroom at the John Smith’s Stadium during his visit to Huddersfield. This event, held on January 10, allowed supporters from diverse backgrounds to engage with Nagle, discussing various aspects of the club and gaining insights into his vision for Huddersfield Town.

The informal gathering provided an opportunity for fans to introduce themselves, share their affiliations with the club, and delve into topics such as stadium ownership, recent signings, the January transfer window, the role of Manager Darren Moore, considerations for disabled supporters, the challenges of managing the club from overseas, future plans for the Academy, and Nagle’s commitment to communication with supporters.

The discussion also enabled Nagle to directly receive feedback from fans regarding changes and improvements implemented during match days, fostering an atmosphere that enhances the overall experience for supporters attending home matches.

Set in the boardroom, a space rich in the history of the club, the event not only facilitated meaningful dialogue but also allowed fans to interact with club memorabilia and artifacts, providing them access to items that contribute to the rich heritage of Huddersfield Town. Nagle expressed his intent to continue these interactions, emphasizing the importance of an open and honest relationship with the club’s supporters.

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