Chargers News: With Season Over, Giff Smith Addresses LA’s Head Coach Hunt

Los Angeles Chargers interim head coach Giff Smith, who stepped in after the dismissal of Brandon Staley, acknowledged that while the conclusion might not have been ideal, he embraced the opportunity to lead the team in the final weeks of the season. Despite the Chargers being unable to secure a victory in their season finale, Smith worked diligently to keep the team together during a challenging period of transition.


Chargers 'playing to win' under interim head coach Giff Smith – Orange  County Register

When asked about his potential interest in becoming the permanent head coach, Smith expressed a focus on giving his all to the players during the three games he led. He emphasized that, regardless of the outcome, he hadn’t given much thought to his future in that role.

Chargers' Brandon Staley believes he should remain head coach after  disastrous loss: 'I believe in myself'

Over the final three games under Smith’s leadership, the Chargers displayed improvement, even though they couldn’t clinch victories due to limitations in talent. Smith’s commitment to the team, his efforts to unite the players, and the respect he earned from the team were evident, despite the challenging circumstances of losing a head coach mid-season.

Looking back at the three games, Smith commended the players for rallying together and fighting despite not achieving the desired win-loss results. As the Chargers head into the offseason, the team faces numerous uncertainties and questions. The focus will be on regaining competitiveness and avoiding another season without progress.

The Chargers’ future coaching situation remains uncertain, and decisions will need to be made to set the course for the upcoming season.

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