BREAKING NEWS : LSU Tigers has officially announces five 4-star transfers

LSU Football appears to be having little trouble attracting a strong overall recruiting class. On Monday, the Tigers officially enrolled five 4-star transfers, all from other P5 teams, according to

The following players have enrolled to play for the Tigers next year:

  • 4-Star (90.04 Grade) QB AJ Swann from Vanderbilt
  • 4-Star (90.13) WR Zavion Thomas from Mississippi State
  • 4-Star (90.59) S Austin Ausberry from Auburn
  • 4-Star (91.52) S Jardin Gilbert from Texas A&M
  • 4-Star (91.73) Jyaire Brown from Ohio State
  • Although many of these players had already committed to playing for LSU Football in the days and weeks leading up to their official enrollment, with the crazy drama of college football going on in recent days, with coaches and players transferring everywhere, nothing was set in stone until these players officially enrolled on January 15th.

    It’s also worth noting that the Tigers signed another 4-star receiver, CJ Daniels from Liberty, though there’s no news on whether he’s actually enrolled.

  • LSU Football isn’t Heavily Involved in the Transfer Portal
    There are some teams that are going all-in on the transfer portal, including teams like Colorado, Ole Miss, Florida State, and Texas A&M. The Colorado Buffaloes have 21 transfer portal commits, while they only have six high school recruits
    LSU Football is doing the exact opposite, only having six transfer players and 29 players out of high school, which is tied for most in the nation with Nebraska. This approach is becoming rare among elite teams as teams are leaning more towards going for proven players at the college level over high school talent that is less proven.

    That being said, the players that LSU is bringing in are among some of the best in the nation. The Tigers rank 8th nationally in the average rank of their transfer players.

  • Transfers Being Brought in Are Expected to Make an Impact

    LSU is being very specific and intentional with their transfers. When a team brings in only six players, it sends a message that these six players are being brought in to play. Compare that to Louisville, who is bringing in 24 transfers, and it becomes clear which team is simply bringing in talent and which is being more intentional. That’s not saying anything wrong about Lousiville, just a different perspective.

    That isn’t to say that these players coming in for LSU are guaranteed to start. They will still have to earn their playing time, but odds are, most of these players will be team leaders next season, something that can’t be said about many other teams who have more transfers than there are starting spots on a team.

  • Why is this important? LSU is sending a message to both high school recruits and potential transfers. For high school recruiters, the message is that they will be given opportunities to develop and advance up the depth chart. Teams who bring in 20 or more players make it extremely tough for high school athletes to receive a legitimate chance.

    Take BYU as an example. The Cougars have a deep quarterback room, but over the last two years, they’ve brought in one-year transfer quarterbacks who have pushed the younger, less experienced players down the depth chart. That sends a message to potential high school recruits.

  • This also sends a message for future transfers. 99% of transfer portal players aspire to discover better playing possibilities. Bringing in a restricted number of players ensures that those players have a great opportunity to start and receive significant playing time. When and if that happens, next year, transfer portal players will be enticed to LSU because they will know they have a tremendous opportunity.

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