SHOCKING NEWS: Kansas City Chiefs another highly rated star now discusses about his retirement

The Chiefs travel to Buffalo to face the Bills in the AFC divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
On Thursday, veteran sportswriter Mike Florio sparked rumors that Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs’ highly rated head coach, may retire.

Despite the 65-year-old coach’s denial that he is considering retiring, Florio believes the Chiefs organization has Reid’s impending exit “on their radar.”
Florio: The Chiefs have Reid’s retirement on their radar.
Reid, a coaching veteran with an outstanding career spanning the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and, since 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs, has been a driving force in the NFL.


His accomplishments include a Super Bowl victory with the Packers, five NFC Championship Games with the Eagles, and two Super Bowl championships with the Chiefs.

While Reid has repeatedly dismissed retirement rumors, Florio believes there is more to the tale. He believes that the uncertainty surrounding Reid’s future will have an impact on the NFL coaching market, with the Chiefs job being the most sought-after post for possible candidates.

Florio stated his thoughts, saying, “The one I’m watching is, when the Chiefs season finishes, will Andy Reid retire? He has stated that he is not considering it, and the astute person would argue that there is nothing to consider if he has stated that he will not do it.

Florio went on saying, “I think there’s reason to believe. The Chiefs have the possibility on their radar screen; we’ll find out when the season ends. You know, a lot of times guy keeps his mouth shut until it’s all said and done. He doesn’t want to be the story. He doesn’t want to be the focal point. He doesn’t want it to be the issue.”
The specter of Reid’s potential retirement adds a layer of complexity to the Chiefs’ playoff journey.

As the team gears up for a clash against the Buffalo Bills, the stakes are higher than ever.

The Bills, who defeated the Chiefs earlier in the season, pose a formidable challenge to their hopes of becoming back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

Reid, affectionately nicknamed ‘Big Red,’ remains immensely popular in Kansas City.

When questioned about retirement, he reacted with his typical emphasis on the present, adding, “I haven’t even considered it. “I am thinking about one thing (the next game).”

The timing of these reports could not be more intriguing, as the Chiefs face the Bills in Buffalo for the first time in the playoffs.

A loss in this key game might fuel speculation about Reid’s future in Kansas City.

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