Baltimore Ravens star Jadeveon Clowney dismisses Lawrence Taylor comparisons

Highlights his unique identity and resilience.
Jadeveon Clowney, now with the Baltimore Ravens, is reshaping his career by adopting a more traditional pass-rushing strategy under outside linebacker coach Chuck Smith. Clowney, known for his disruptive play, has moved his attention away from the inside rush and toward the outside pass rush.
Dismissing similarities.
Working with Smith, Clowney has adopted the cross chop, a true pass-rush move. Despite facing criticisms about his integrity and work ethic throughout his NFL career, Clowney, who has suffered multiple ailments and surgeries, highlights his unique individuality and resilience.

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Reflecting on his career, Clowney admits that he may not have become “Lawrence Taylor 2.0,” but he is proud to be the only Jadeveon Clowney, embracing his uniqueness and rejecting comparisons to others.

“I just sit back and laugh at ’em, because I’m the only Jadeveon Clowney,” he said in an ESPN interview. “I’m not aiming to be like anybody else. I’m just trying to be myself. And I am different.”

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Jadeveon Clowney finished the regular NFL season with 9.5 sacks in 17 games and 32 tackles. Joining the Baltimore Ravens late in training camp, the veteran offered critical edge aid, helping the team to a league-leading 60 sacks.

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Baltimore’s defensive linemen, along with Kyle Van Noy, combined for 18.5 sacks. Clowney’s spectacular season has positioned him as a significant free agent this offseason.

While currently on a one-year deal with the Ravens, there is talk of a return to Baltimore, maybe on another short-term contract.

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