LATEST NEWS : Three key reasons Josh Allen isn’t the issue for the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are living a fever dream as they watch Patrick Mahomes’ flourish in Kansas City after trading back in the draft with the Chiefs.
Once again, the Bills were eliminated early from the playoffs by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills remain a terrific club, but Kansas City appears to win when it counts. Contrary to popular belief, Buffalo does not have a Josh Allen problem. While there are numerous issues with the Bills, Josh Allen is far more valuable than the fans. During the offseason, Las Vegas

Josh Allen named MVP finalist


The Raiders blamed Derek Carr for all of their problems, and look what happened. Derek Carr’s fan base turned against him, and the head coach was one of the reasons for his early departure from Las Vegas.

The same can’t be true about Josh Allen. It also cannot be overlooked that Josh Allen has had the most turnovers in the NFL over the last few seasons. Allen has also turned the ball over in important moments of the game, including some after passing the ball off, such as in the Denver game. All that being said, Allen is not the problem in Buffalo; yet, some issues must be addressed.

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