JUST IN : Patrick Mahomes Had A Simple Message After Chiefs’ Win

At this point in Patrick Mahomes’ tenure, the Kansas City Chiefs appear destined to succeed.

After defeating the Baltimore Ravens, they have officially advanced to their second Super Bowl in as many seasons, and their fourth in the last five years.
Even though many people wrote them off, Mahomes found a way to lead his team to victory over the formidable Baltimore Ravens.

Shortly after the game, Mahomes tweeted a gif from the movie “The Hangover” with the simple hashtag “#ChiefsKingdom.”

He didn’t appear to need to say much to convey his message.

Patrick Mahomes is coming, and the Ravens don't plan to blink - The  Washington Post

The majority of analysts predicted that the Ravens will dominate the Chiefs in this game, and that Mahomes was a shell of his former self.

It’s unclear whether Mahomes heard all of the noise, but rather of adding to it or responding to criticism, he took a higher route, so to speak.

Now he has the opportunity to further solidify his place in NFL history, bringing him closer to catching Tom Brady and his seven Super Bowl rings.

He’ll have to go through the San Francisco 49ers to do it, which is familiar ground for him.

The Chiefs defeated the 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl, giving supporters the first hint that Mahomes is a special talent who can continue to lead the Chiefs down a successful path.
Can he recreate Mahomes’ magic in this year’s Super Bowl, which will also be supported by a completely new, Taylor Swift-driven fanbase?

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