Patrick Mahomes’ savage message to doubters, rivals over Chiefs’ playoff underdog label

The Chiefs, although being nominally underdogs, beat the odds to return to the Super Bowl.
They cannot keep getting away with this! The Kansas City Chiefs have once again advanced to the Super Bowl. While their previous appearances were unsurprising, this one was unusual. For the most of the playoffs, Kansas City was either underdogs or evenly matched with their opponents. Regardless, Kansas City immediately took care of their opponents.

It’s understandable that Patrick Mahomes was ecstatic after defeating the Baltimore Ravens and advancing the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. Throughout the playoffs, the star quarterback responded to those who labeled them as underdogs. According to NFL on CBS, the squad appeared to be concerned by the moniker of underdog due to their championship history.
Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs said, “We’ve been underdogs for the last few games, but we never feel like underdogs.”

Patrick Mahomes Hypes Up His Chiefs Teammates After Win Over Bills

On paper, the Chiefs truly were the underdogs throughout the playoffs. The only game where they weren’t was against the Miami Dolphins, and even that was considered to be an evenly-matched game. The poor performances from the offense throughout the playoffs made a lot of analysts doubt their ability to perform in the big stage.
However, no one could really truly count the Chiefs out when the games started. After all, they were the most experienced team in the AFC during their playoff run. So while Kansas City were underdogs in terms of statistics or even in the betting scene, they were underdogs in name only. They proved time and time again that they’re a dangerous time despite their limitations. At the helm of their playoff charge is, of course, Mahomes. Flanked by Travis Kelce, the duo made timely conversions to keep the pesky Baltimore defense at bay.

The Chiefs will now compete in the Super Bowl against a familiar rival. The San Francisco 49ers overcame a tough comeback to earn a spot in the Super Bowl. Now the setting is set for a Super Bowl LIV rematch.

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