Newcastle Unhappy With The Way Dan Ashworth Has Conducted Himself

According to George Caulkin, a writer for the Athletic Newcastle United exe, cutives are quite dissatisfied with how the Dan Ashworth issue has unfolded.

Calkin said the following on the Pod on the Tyne podcast:

“There is genuine anger at Newcastle about the way this has – I mean all is fair in love and war.”

“But it’s been a very, very public approach, or courtship without making an official approach.”

“It has been lingering for months. I don’t think Ashworth handled himself well in this situation. I don’t believe he comes out of this well.

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“Only really admitting that he had contact as of last week then telling the club he wants to leave.”

“It’s very early into his task at Newcastle, and, although there have been complications behind the scenes, I don’t think it’s been easy from either side.”

“I don’t think he comes out of this very well.”

Ashworth hasn’t been at Newcastle for two years yet, having officially joined in May 2022, and as we stated yesterday, he doesn’t appear to be very loyal given how he has handled himself at Brighton and Newcastle in the previous two years.

He does not appear to have been completely forthcoming with Newcastle about his talks with Manchester United, where a deal for Ashworth has already been completed.

As we mentioned yesterday, he’s an opportunist.

To be clear, he is an example of an opportunist:

A person who perceives an opportunity to profit from a situation, even if it means sacrificing ethics or principles.

Ashworth lobbied for a move from Brighton to Newcastle, and now he has done the same at Newcastle in two years, lobbying for a move to Manchester United.

Newcastle want up to £20 million in compensation for Ashworth because he is under contract, and we hope the Tyneside club sticks to their guns, because, as we indicated yesterday, we hold all of the cards.

Newcastle are now recruiting for a new Sporting Director, and we are confident that they will find a competent candidate capable of taking Newcastle to the next level.

Let’s hope he’ll be more committed to Newcastle than Ashworth has been.

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