SHOCKING NEWS : Iowa Hawkeyes potential star has officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

Iowa City, Iowa (KCRG) – James Ferentz, the son of Iowa Hawkeyes head football coach Kirk Ferentz, has announced his retirement from the NFL, marking the end of his playing career.

Ferentz, an offensive lineman who spent his final years with the New England Patriots, announced the news in an Instagram post on Monday.

“After taking the time to collect my thoughts and speaking with my wife Skylar, I’ve decided to retire from playing football,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Some of the best advice I have received was ‘concise is nice.'”

The 34-year-old Iowa City native acknowledged his teammates and coaches throughout his football career, which included time at Iowa City High, the University of Iowa, and his pro career in Houston, Denver, and New England.

Two-time Super Bowl winner James Ferentz still has bigger NFL goals
“To my coaches and teachers at Iowa City High School, thank you for helping kindle my passion for football and lay the foundation for the work ethic it takes to succeed,” stated the student-athlete. “To my coaches at the University of Iowa, thank you for molding me from an immature teenager into the man I am now. Thank you to my dad, Reese Morgan, and brother Brian for teaching me the principles of offensive line play, as well as Chris Doyle for teaching me the fundamentals of training and living the proper way.

Two-time Super Bowl winner James Ferentz still has bigger NFL goals

Ferentz stated that he has spent the last seven years living in Foxborough and Norfolk, Massachusetts, while playing for the New England Patriots. That time encompassed two Super.

His professional career began in 2014, as an undrafted rookie for the Houston Texans. Following his release from the Texans, he spent a few years with the Denver Broncos before joining the New England Patriots’ practice squad.

According to Pro-Football Reference, Ferentz appeared in 61 games during his career, including 10 starts for the Patriots.

According to a statement on the Patriots’ website, Ferentz only played four snaps this past NFL season and appeared to be transitioning to a teaching role with the organization.

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