Tony Stewart on Rotherham United’s ‘failure’ being on his shoulders and a recruitment pledge from Steve Evans

Tony Stewart, the show’s ‘producer’, admits that Rotherham United’s ‘failure’ this season is ultimately his responsibility.
It explains why he decided to take personal responsibility for bringing Steve Evans back to the AESSEAL New York Stadium, which was on his mind in December.

After following a new path, the Millers have turned to their former management and returned to the future.
Stewart spoke at Evans”second coming’ last week, saying he was electrified by the Scot’s return, whom he has remained friends with since leaving Rotherham for the first time in September 2015, and that the club had regained its’mojo’ after a very horrible 2023-24 season.

Stewart stated, “Having gone through this season as we have and seen failure after failure, and not only the manager, I am included in that failure as Rotherham’s custodian and responsibility.

Tony Stewart on Rotherham United's 'failure' being on his shoulders and a recruitment  pledge from Steve Evans
“I’m the producer; we put on the show, and if something goes wrong, I’m the one to blame, without a doubt.

“I said, ‘We’ve had two attempts at it now (with Matt Taylor and Leam Richardson); we need someone proven, tried, and tested.'”

“And I was wondering, ‘Why aren’t we bringing Steve Evans in?’ He’s undoubtedly the best manager we’ve ever had, and he never fails.

“We split as friends. It was due to a technicality. We had different perspectives on recruitment.

“I’ve always liked Steve and Paul [Raynor]. “These are going to be exciting times!”
Evans will be significantly involved in recruitment going ahead, working alongside Rob Scott, who has returned to his prior post after a brief stint as director of football.

The Millers yesterday exercised options on Ollie Rathbone and Hakeem Odoffin’s contracts, keeping them at the club until June 2025.

Evans will use more recruitment resources than he did during his previous tenure at Rotherham, but he is careful to point out that he has the last word as he strives to develop a team not just in his own image, but in the best traditions of the Millers’ ‘DNA’.

Evans, whose side travels to Bristol City on Saturday for their final away game of the season, stated: “The chairman and Richard (Stewart, vice-chairman) were very clear in their message to me: ‘You’re coming back to be the manager, as you were before.'” This provides me a broader mandate.

“I’m fortunate to know Rob Scott from the past.

“We have a very excellent understanding and relationship.

“We are completely in accord about how we see things going forward. When identifying jobs for recruitment, Paul and I will create a description of the ideal player.Finally, it will be my discretion to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ within the parameters given by the board.

“You accept responsibility for establishing the team.

“I would not be a member of a management team that blamed outcomes on others at your club.

“When you have control but don’t win enough matches, you pay the price.

“I’ve been lucky that in every club I’ve had authority over team selection and recruitment at several clubs, including Leeds United.

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