Caitlin Clark reveals the 10 seconds that freaked her out and changed her life for ever

10 seconds, that could change. WNBA Basketball Caitlin Clark frequently discusses the one moment that completely impacted her life. It was only a quick engagement of around 10 seconds, yet it made all the difference. In that little period, something clicked for her, and she saw her potential in a whole new light. She then went full steam ahead, devoting everything she had into achieving her goals. It only goes to show how a tiny moment may change everything.

Clark, who finished second in the last two collegiate basketball seasons, claimed that one of the most emotional and unforgettable events of her youth was hugging and asking Maya Moore, a former player and 2014 WNBA MVP, to sign her jersey. “I still remember when i was freaking out, ran across the court and gave you a hug.”


Caitlin Clark reveals impactful 10-second Maya Moore encounter
That day in 2014, which Caitlin still tells everyone about, began with a trip with her father from Des Moines, Iowa, to Minneapolis to attend a Minnesota Lynx game. At the time, Maya Moore, the former first selection of the 2011 draft, like Clark this year, was the player dominating the league, having already won two titles in three years.

Caitlin Clark reveals impactful 10-second Maya Moore encounter

Playing for the Minnesota team. I mean, Clark may not be aware of it, but at one of her Iowa games, a girl hugged her and gave her an autograph, and in a few years, that girl will be the first selection in the 2034 draft. That’s how life goes.

“I didn’t have a cell phone, my dad didn’t have his cell phone, so I just ran towards her, it was really cool.”
Maya Moore truly stated that she did not recall that occasion, despite the fact that she was the most well-known player at the time. But she is excited about knowing that these kinds of relationships and exchanges exist, and that she, as a player, can sow the seed that

produces passion and desire for positive change in the women’s basketball community.

Caitlin Clark will make her WNBA debut on Friday at 8 p.m. ET, when the Indiana Fever face the Dallas Wings in a preseason game. While this is the preseason, it will be a big test for the Fever against the Wings, who have advanced to the second round of the 2023 playoffs. You can watch and follow this game with the WNBA League Pass.

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