Derby County sent message on what they need to do for Championship survival

Derby County fans are anticipating a tough Championship battle following their promotion from League One. Derby County fans are keeping an eye on the increasingly competitive Championship after gaining promotion from League One, and they’ve been discussing what the club needs to do to stay in the second tier in our comments area.

Clubs getting parachute payments from the Premier League will have a significant edge, but success stories such as Luton and Ipswich keep the dream alive for the rest of the league. Mid-table has also been tight this season, and formerly successful clubs like Blackburn Rovers, as well as freshly funded teams like Birmingham City, can find themselves in difficulty.

Manager Paul Warne has remarked about the Championship preparations: “It’s been the most exciting league of all four. We do need change, and more athleticism, as I have been saying for years. We need a lot more goal threats. Any team that doesn’t have to do that must have scored 110 points.

Derby County sent message on what they need to do for Championship survival  - Derbyshire Live

Commenter EricBlair4U wants to see some focus on sustainability. “The way forward must be to strengthen the Academy so that we can have a large number of players reaching the age of 24 or 25 in 5 years. Our priority should be midfield and a center forward. Is it time to place a bid information Bielek to strengthen our

User Modram writes: “Ok, we all know next season will be challenging, but with careful recruitment, we should be able to compete. Derby no longer wants or can afford to pay outrageous transfer fees. Also, certain players will be beyond of our salary range.”

Derby County sent message on what they need to do for Championship survival  - Derbyshire Live

“However, Derby will be one of the best-supported clubs next season, and the increase in season ticket prices should result in significant revenue.” Also, although I disagree with the notion, FFP regulations should favor Derby over your Portsmouths, Blackburns, and Stokes. So I say let Clowes and Warne do their thing and enjoy what could be an interesting pre-season transfer window.”

DCFCJON knows where to find value for money: “Although not everyone’s favourite, Nigel Clough used to bring players over from Scotland on a shoestring and compete with those who went on to have good careers in England.” Hodnett says: “It will definitely be a challenge for Derby next season. Plymouth and Sheffield Wednesday were promoted last year and have since strengthened, although they are still fighting relegation. Ipswich and Luton are more the models we want to emulate; both left League 1 without parachute payments. The question is whether Warne can produce in the Championship like he has in League One.

Wiglaf comments, “I’ll be content with midtable next season and avoiding a relegation dogfight. Even with free transfers, we will struggle to cover agents’ fees and wages. I’ll be pleased if we can remain competitive while still developing our young players and making some wise signings.

Red Feller says, “We are a vastly different proposition to the club that was stripped of points and condemned three seasons ago. The belief has returned, along with the ability to win on a budget rather than a checkbook. This is a lean, hungry operation with strong ownership and management. And we have always had one of the best fan bases in the country.”

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