LATEST UPDATE : Coventry City boss Mark Robins has revealed the Sky Blues transfer strategy ahead of

‘Record bids’ – why Mark Robins is ‘fed up’ & set to get tough on Coventry City’s transfer stance

Coventry City transfer news from CoventryLive: Sky Blues boss Mark Robins lays down the law about the club’s transfer operations. Mark Robins has revealed Coventry City’s transfer strategy ahead of what he thinks will be a busy and exciting summer of strengthening to take the club to the next level and make it more competitive in terms of staying the course next season.

The Sky Blues fell short this season owing to a lack of depth and significant injuries as they sought to push for victory on two fronts: a late charge for the play-offs and a penalty shootout in the FA Cup Final. And the 2023/24 campaign came to a dismal end with a 2-1 Following the CBS Arena defeat to QPR, Robins began to look forward to resuming his development strategy in the upcoming window.
When asked if he had an idea of how many new players he wanted to recruit, he simply answered, “Yes,” without saying anything further. The team is poised to lose at least three out-of-contract players, including Liam Kelly, Callum O’Hare, and Simon Moore, while season-long loan defender Luis Binks will return to his native club Bologna. In terms of maintaining the club’s most saleable assets, such as Ben Sheaf and attackers Ellis Simms and Haji Wright, both of whom had 19 goals each, the manager insisted

Record bids' - why Mark Robins is 'fed up' & set to get tough on Coventry  City's transfer stance - CoventryLive

“We’re in a strong position from that standpoint, so if someone were to leave, it would require record bids. We don’t want to sell anyone, that is our viewpoint. We want to keep everyone together while building.”

Robins then stated his plan to get tough in the transfer market, saying that he will not sign any players until they are fully committed to the Sky Blues and willing to go the distance to assist the club accomplish its promotion goals. “I am fed up of people coming in and… If people want to come in and use us as a stepping stone then nah,” he said. “I am seeking for people who, like Kels (Liam Kelly), as I mentioned in the dressing

room, who came in and said, ‘This is my home, this is what I do, and I am going to assist this club go where it wants to go.'”And while he never intended to stay for seven years, I doubt he ever imagined it in his wildest thoughts, just as I never did. But eventually, there’s a player there who believes in it, mind, body, and soul, and that’s what I’m looking for because that’s how you take it to the next level; not because people come in and try to gain what they can and go at the first opportunity. It’s not perfect, and you can’t build something like that He

added: “I think you have to look at it because if you’re a trade club, which any club must be, then it needs to be done methodically and in a way that is sustainable and helps you become viable. And that’s the ultimate goal of any football club, I guess. And, while there are some things you want to have rigorous control over, there are other human factors to consider, but, ultimately, we want to go for it, really go for it, and develop something that everyone is extremely proud of. And every transfer window offers you an opportunity. And I’m excited about it.”


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