JJUST IN : Chairman Tony Stewart on Rotherham United’s director of football rethink

ROTHERHAM UNITED chairman Tony Stewart is certain that the club’s rethinking of working with a director of football was the most rational and realistic move going forward.
Just a few months after being named as the club’s football director in a newly created post, Rob Scott has reverted to his former position, focusing solely on recruitment.

Scott was granted a greater club remit in January.

However, with the Millers opting to rehire Steve Evans in a traditional’manager’ job in April rather than a head coaching position, the club has reversed course, with Scott’s new title being director of football recruitment.

Stewart, whose side was relegated from the Championship after a difficult season in which they won only five games, said: “When things aren’t going right, and this is an honest answer, you have to scrutinise what is what, and I think that title was not right for Rob, so we adjusted it.”I kept it basic because it wasn’t working. Rob has been with us for five years; he is a member of the family and a brilliant, clever individual who will have to adapt, as will Steve.

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“Steve will know, and he has some good names. He can bring in some high-caliber folks.

“But Rob will be there to make sure he gives Steve as much aid as he can.

Based on the number of players. “If he wants a centre-half, I’d like Rob to suggest half a dozen. The manager and recruitment provide a balanced approach.”

Chairman Tony Stewart on Rotherham United's director of football rethink

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Stewart, for his part, intends to maintain a straightforward connection with Scott and Evans when it comes to player recruitment.

The long-time Millers boss went on to say, “All I do is give the money, and recruitment and management decide who they want to bring in with the money.”

“There are two scenarios: either we have the wrong players, or we have the right players but they have not been instructed or trained to perform what we want them to accomplish.

“One is for recruitment, the other is for management, and both have been addressed. I haven’t picked a player yet.”

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