BREAKING NEWS :Barnsley star future at Sunderland has just become slightly clearer after a new .

Callum Styles’ future at Sunderland has become a little clearer following a fresh revelation.

Styles, 24, joined Sunderland on loan from Barnsley during the winter transfer window, with the option to make the deal permanent.
Styles was widely reported to be a long-term objective for the Black Cats and their sporting director, Kristjaan Speakman.

However, the Hungarian international’s form was inconsistent in his first few weeks at the Stadium of Light.

Mike Dodds was having trouble deciding where to place Styles in the XI, admitting that he didn’t yet know his best position.

Styles, however, would go on to start the final five games.


season for Sunderland; four of them in the left wing-back spot, when he really began to blossom. It was reported in April that Sunderland would likely use the option of making his loan from Barnsley permanent this summer. Fresh Callum Styles update as Sunderland consider permanent deal
Since the last update in April, little has been mentioned concerning Styles’ future at Sunderland.

However, a new claim from the Sunderland Echo states that ‘there is known to be a considerable length of time to run on the option to make Callum Styles’ loan permanent’.

Transfer news: Callum Styles signs for Sunderland from Barnsley - BBC Sport

According to the same source, whomever becomes Sunderland’s next manager may have a say in whether Styles is permanently signed from Barnsley.

As a result, there appears to be no urgency from Sunderland to decide whether or not Styles will stay, with recruiting a new manager being at the top of Sunderland’s priority list.
Why Sunderland may reconsider Callum Styles’ deal

Styles is a manager’s dream: he can play in a variety of positions, is a highly dynamic and aggressive player, and is also of high quality.

Callum Styles of Sunderland is playing in the Sky Bet Championship match between Sunderland and Blackburn Rovers at the Stadium of Light in Sunderl...
However, his time at Sunderland drew mixed reviews. He began poorly but finished strong, but Speakman and co may have new qualms about whether or not they should sign Styles on.

A permanent agreement. Styles was a long-term objective for Sunderland, which may explain why he struggled to get started and why Dodds didn’t know how to use him effectively.

Styles was likely signed for his Championship experience and versatility to play in a variety of positions, rather than with a specific manager or playing style in mind.

And with another new manager on board, it’s unclear where Styles fits in, especially with Aji Alese back and Dennis Cirkin returning to health in the preseason.

The left-back position is fairly well-stocked. Styles may have more luck in midfield, but he appears more effective on the left, so it’s certainly a difficult call for the Make a club. However, Sunderland still has time to make a decision, and the new manager may have the final word.

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