BREAKING NEWS : LSU fans react to Angel Reese’s WNBA draft announcement

“Congratulations on everything that you have done because it is influential, it made me want to get up and start playing basketball again,” Destini Kennedy, who is a fan of LSU, said.

Social media is flooded with congratulations, including a Facebook post from the WNBA greeting Angel Reese with open arms.
The Bayou Barbie played college basketball for four years, two of which were spent in Baltimore.

She has had an impact on fans across the country, particularly the baby tigers in Baton Rouge.

“It is honestly such a delight since I am a freshman coming to games, so it is amazing to see everything in person instead of just on the

LSU Star Angel Reese Declares for WNBA Draft: 'Excited for This Next  Chapter'

“TV,” remarked Payton Bardfield, an LSU fan.

Payton Bardfield has followed Reese since the Sweet Sixteen championships and says it’s not farewell, but rather see you later.
“I do not believe it is a negative thing that she is leaving. Of course, there are players on the team this year who have the potential to make it,” Bardfield stated.

“I’m excited for you, girl. “Enjoy it, simply live your life and do what you have to do,” Kennedy remarked.

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